Music & Artworks

A number of Joan’s poems have been set to music and recorded professionally or sung live.

Lament of Two Mothers – from Treasures Stored for Winter

Lament of Two Mothers

Flood Waters – from Path Into the Sun

Composed & sung by Ben Worrall
Flood Waters

Composed & sung by Lisa Levens
Accompanied by Todd Hobin, guitar; Brett Hobin, bass; Gary Lucas, percussion;
Recorded at Hobin Studios; Engineer: Andrew Sudol
Flood Waters

Lessons – from Path Into the Sun

Composed & sung by Elias Lieberman

Respite – from Waiting for the Lame Horse

Animation by Dan W. Jacobs, set to Joan’s reading of the poem.

March Day – from Song Cycle

Composed by Jonathan Dinkin & sung by Robert Lieberman
March Day